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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Iridium satellite handset work inside buildings?

The Iridium system design relies upon line of sight access to the satellite. In-building coverage for handsets is generally not available. Callers who are unable to reach you on your handset for whatever reason will have the option of leaving a message that will be delivered as soon as the handset has line of sight access to the satellite constellation.

How does someone call me on my satellite phone and what do they pay?

Callers simply dial your satellite phone number, which will be billed to them as an international call with rates set by their phone company.

How can I display my SIM card iridium satellite phone number?

  1. Press Menu until you see “Iridium Satellite Phone Book”, and then press “OK” to select.
  2. Press Menu untill you see “My Phone Number(s)”, and then press “OK” to select.
  3. Your SIM card iridium satellite phone number will be displayed.
  4. Press and hold “C” to exit the menu.

Note: If you do not see your number(s), they have not been programmed onto your SIM card. Contact Rentasat for more information.

What do the service light indicators on my Iridium Satellite phone mean?

Alternating Red and Green: An incoming call.

Flashing Green: You are receiving a signal from the satellite, and can place and receive calls.

Flashing Yellow and Red: You did not successfully register with the satellite and cannot receive any incoming calls. Your SIM card may be inserted incorrectly, may not be inserted, or you may be in a restricted area. (See message on phone)

Flashing Red: Satellite Service is not available.